In Field Service Management, VARs and System Integrators Have an Advantage in Hiring

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VARs and system integrators must remotely supervise field technicians. Yet managing distant employees is a difficult problem. Many VARs and system integrators that used field engineers until recently depended on manual labor and straightforward spreadsheets to manage their workload.

However, as personnel administration evolved, it became clear that businesses required better tools because tasks like these were turning into administrative nightmares. Miscommunication frequently results in problems on the ground, errors, and financial losses for companies. The businesses they worked for and the engineers themselves were failing due to poor management practices, despite the fact that the engineers on the ground may have been competent at what they did.

Electronic databases did not provide VARs and system programmers with all of the capabilities they require, despite the fact that they were somewhat useful. Despite the comparatively limited technology, businesses could record their present workflows. Businesses were compelled to rely on antiquated, non-integrated communication channels like phone and email because there was no simple way to track employees or handle technicians in the field.

Field Engineer helps VARs and system integrators who want to use on-demand techs find a solution to this problem. The programme includes each feature needed by businesses to effectively handle independent contractors and remote workers. Every communication is forwarded to the proper technician via the app, who can then respond right away wherever he or she may be. To check if communications have been received, there is no waiting period.

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How Field Engineers Aid VARs And System Integrators

Simple Payment Processing

Paying independent technicians and engineers can be difficult for human resources when companies run conventionally. However, you can easily manage payroll using the Field Engineer app, scheduling and authorising payments according to your standards. You can use the software to make both domestic and foreign payments, which gives you more time to focus on your primary business operations.

Tracking Locations with Intelligence

If you’re hiring them to do a task, you want to know where they are. Tracking engineers is crucial in any line of work, but particularly for system integrators and VARs. Thanks to Field Engineer, you can feel secure knowing exactly where the people you employ through the platform are at all times.

Integrated Scheduling and Sending

Updates to the workflow can be a costly administrative hassle. Mistakes in communication are also conceivable. The chance that technicians will continue to pursue invalid work orders, which existed under previous management systems, is eliminated by Field Engineer. Managers can immediately and remotely change work orders thanks to the cloud. Alerts are used to quickly notify engineers of changes to their dispatching and scheduling.

Dependable Customer Service

The Field Engineer team is available to assist clients at all times. Field engineer client services can assist you in resolving any platform-related issues, enabling your business to take full advantage of the service.

Stay in contact with the experts

When using Field Engineer, you don’t need to depend on outside messaging and communication apps because all of your communication requirements are covered by the platform itself. Using Field Engineer, you can call and interact with engineers from your business. When hiring new workers or settling disputes, you can refer back to earlier conversations because the software keeps track of all communications.

Simple Integration With Your Existing Programs

An API can be used to connect your favourite applications and programmes to Field Engineer.

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