Orguss Hi Metal-2022 Tokyo Convention Reviews

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The ‘Tamashii Nations 2022 Tokyo convention built around a Orguss Hi Metal toys.

It’s been several years since the last time. Akihabara hosted a formal Tamashii Nations event. After the pandemic halt similar events in Tokyo. Bandai Spirits have reveal their latest work now that restrictions have relaxed.

The event had three levels,

with the ground floor entrance devoted to Gundam. Gundam is one of Bandai Spirits’ mainstay franchises. and with all the new orguss hi metal Builds and the massive Metal Structure toys, it’s easy to see why.

The Aquarius Gundam and the Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai stood out. from the smaller Metal Robot Damashii line. The latter appeared prominent in the recently released Super Robot Wars 30.

Whether base on an anime, manga, or video game, the orguss hi metal Robot. Damashii toys are detail and faithful representations of the source material.

My good fortune continued when I was ask to give a tour of the convention. and worked with Kelly from Bandai Spirits to showcase. some of the more unusual Gundam toys (shown below).

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Back in the day, Takatoku produced some fantastic orguss hi metal playthings.

The 1/60 Orguss toys are much more diminutive than their larger 1/40 counterparts. There are only two possible transformations now. but in exchange for this, the toy is more “action figure” like and allows for more dynamic poses.

The Macross spinoff Super Dimension Century Orguss. it featured many of the same voice actors and animators as its predecessor. It stands to reason that fans of Macross would also enjoy orguss.

The show is difficult to describe,

Orguss Hi Metal-2022 Tokyo Convention Reviews

But in short, it follows Kei, a fighter pilot, as he finds himself at the epicenter of an actual bomb. and thrown into a world that is a fusion of two dimensions. Among humans, Kei stands out as a peculiar specimen. The Chilam and the Emann want him for their own, as he is an “Idiosyncratic Point” and, so, valuable to both sides. After Kei’s Bronco 2 fighter is damage. the Emann transform it into the malleable orguss fighter. In this parallel universe, the god of war is name orguss.

The Orgroid’s box is gorgeous, as is customary for a Takatoku product. with textured cardboard and intricate illustrations. Older toy examples may have holes or tears in the protective cellophane wrapping.

These playthings, alas, did not survive the passage of time. The diecast feet became so heavy. that they broke away from the lower legs, causing the plastic to crack and the colors to fade. Over time, the joints became sloppy.

Even so, I find myself adoring every single one of these playthings. I may be feeling sentimental about the past. Due to my deep appreciation for the orguss hi metal. universe’s design aesthetic, I feel compelled to buy any Orguss toys. I come across, despite their extreme fragility.

After the ground floor, the basement was stuff to the gills with orguss hi metal toys. Most of them dealt with recent or before released items. Still, we also got to see prototypes for a massive SDF-1 Macros toy. and the return of the much-loved Fire Valkyrie from Macros 7 in DX Chogokin. and an updated Hi-Metal R variant.

The fan favorite Macros Frontier also saw a revival of some of the older DX Chogokin releases, so it wasn’t .

Macross Alpha and Bravo that got new orguss hi metal  toys.

A small exhibition of Hidetaka Tenjin’s superb artwork. its also display on the Macross floor.
It’s great to see his work getting more attention outside of Japan. especially with the release of a new art book in the West.

Bandai Spirits’ other series were discuss on the top floor. Their recent orguss hi metal Build Dragon Scale. Releases range from the Sirbine to a vast array of Robot Damashii. figures based on Aura Battler Dunbine.

Additionally, we had a cute little Gainax nook. with Canti from FLCL and Buster Machine 7 from Diebuster. In comparison, a new Soul of Chogokin Gurren Lagann was the show’s big reveal.

After that, we saw the unveiling of several stunning new Hi-orguss hi metal R models. such as Armored Trooper VOTOMS’ Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom and the L-Gaim Mk. II, and Orguss.

This event was well, and many exciting new products were on display. Bandai Spirits’ mecha output has been and will continue to be sizable. as showed by the increasing size of the franchise’s massive fanbase.

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